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“Wrestling helped turn one of our good offensive/defensive lineman into a more confident, and more aggressive college lineman. The transformation was incredible. This kid came from getting pinned in 48 seconds in one tournament, to becoming the 1st heavyweight champion in Arkansas history. His confidence is off the charts, and he stills tells me how great it was winning a state championship.”

Brandon Jay
Cabot High School

Speaking of LJ Tarrant-2008 State Heavyweight Champion

Wrestling was mandatory the last two years for PA. Football players along with additional training. We won Wrestling last year and Football title this year. Pretty strong example of what wrestling can do for your program !!!!!! Two state titles !

Mike Bailey
PA Football D line Coach and Wrestling Coach

I am a football coach and it does help, but I am trying to get out of football and make it a full time sport at our school. I feel that if you wait until football is over then you have lost 3 months of work with the many kids that do not play football. Just my take on things!

Coach Leonard
Searcy High School

I’m Bob Hattabaugh, football and wrestling coach, at Union Christian Academy in Ft.Smith, Arkansas. Since, we started wrestling last year: the kids we have in our program have gained tremendous confidence in the way they use leverage in Football techniques. They have become more aggressive, self reliant , and work harder in the weight room that our athletes that are not in the program. I have been a Head Senior High Football Coach for 25 years in AR. And OK. and this is the best thing that has happened in AR. Football in a while.

Bob Hattabaugh
Union Christian Academy

Wrestling is a win-win situation for any high school football program. The work ethic, discipline, and commitment required to be a successful wrestler parallel those of being a successful football athlete, not to mention the compatibility of motor skill development utilized by athletes in both sports.

Darrell Seward
Little Rock Central High School

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